Considered as the lesser malefic planet, Mars is the planet of self-assertion, ambition, strife and anger, an initiator of action. It is fiery and masculine. He rules both Aries and Scorpio. Mars rules soldiers of all sorts, generals, captains and gunners. It also rules butchers, surgeons, and everyone who uses knives and firearms. Mars well-positioned in a natal chart symbolizes an individual who is courageous, confident, bold and aggressive. The person can be immovable without reason, challenging, and enjoys competition. He obeys nobody and submits to nobody. If Mars is badly placed (by house and sign) in a person’s natal chart, it signifies someone who loves to quarrel, violence, slaughter and crime, and who is a promoter of fights and riots.

Mars gives a physical body that is strong, with big bones and lean. The hair is reddish and sharp eyes. Mars represents an active and fearless man. A strong Mars sometimes shows a scar on the face. Mars anatomy includes the head and face, the reproductive organ, the muscular system, the adrenal glands and the red blood corpuscles. Many are susceptible to migraine headaches, shingles, high fevers, burns, cuts and wounds.

Mars also influences iron, steel, bloodstone, and garnet. Its plants have sharp, pointed leaves and taste hot such as nettles, thistles and prickly thorn trees. Its fragrances include pine, and carnation, its colors are reds and oranges.

Mars Blessings!