The Sun


Both the Sun and the Moon are luminaries, but in astrology they are also regarded as planets. The Sun represents the Spirit in Man, the Life Force. It is the main expression of the individual, the heart and the core of our existence. It signifies the basic drive for significance, the Will of Man. The Sun sustains life- it gives light heat and energy. It is so powerful that when a planet is close to the Sun, within 8 degrees, the planet (except Mars) is weakened. It is a symbol of masculinity, pride, authority, ambition, determination, self- expression, confidence, and the person in charge. Astrologers believe that where the Sun is found in a person’s natal chart, that’s where the individual shines.

The Sun rules the sign Leo. It signifies a person who behaves humanely and royally, who is trustworthy, judges well, and speaks deliberately with few words. Like a king he has favorites, and he walks in the middle of the road, loves luxury, entertainment and enjoys being the center of attention. If the Sun is not well placed in the individual’s natal chart (by sign or house), it indicates a less admirable person. One of arrogance, domineering, extravagant, a snob or someone who hangs on to someone else’s generosity and thinks the world owes him a living.

Physical attributes related to the Sun include big, bright eyes, a wide forehead adorned with wavy fluffy hair and a wide smile. Many of them love to display big jewelries especially in gold. The Sun is a natural ruler of gold and rubies. Gemstones of yellow and scarlet colors such as amber, citrine, sunstone and some rubilite garnets are among them.

Illnesses connected to the Sun include the heart, mouth, and eyes, also the ribs, back and sides of the body and all the aches, pains and weaknesses of them. It was once believed that plants that grow majestically in full sun provide physical comfort, help clear the eyes and resist the effects of toxin in the body.  Sun ruled plants have a pleasant smell, like Bay, Cinnamon, Orange, Sunflower, Frankincense and Sandalwood.

Sun’s Blessings!