Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I benefit from getting a reading?

Most often, when we are in a difficult situation our emotions override the logic and the practical approach to resolving the problem. A reading from someone who’s neutral to your situation can give you an insight that you can use to base your own decisions on, from a non-emotional prospective.

2. What methods do you use for reading?

I like to combine using Astrology and Tarot with Clairvoyance in my readings. Sometimes when the correct time is unobtainable for Astrology charts, I use Cardology, a method using regular playing cards. Once in awhile, dream interpretation is also incorporated, if the client requests me to do so.

3.  How long have you been involved in this kind of work?

I have been involved in Metaphysics since the time my husband and I started formally studying Metaphysics and Theosophy in 1978. My studies in Astrology, Tarot, Magic and Mysticism began immediately and continue to this day. In 1986 we opened a Metaphysical Bookstore, which we operated for eighteen years. I have been holding classes, workshops and group events on these subjects since 1992.

4. Is reading by phone as accurate as one done in person?

Yes. Our spiritual and vibrational connection is always available to access, wherever we are.  The location of planets found on your birth chart would not move but their progression would be calculated to where you are currently residing  

5. Do you believe in past lives? Can you see it in the reading?

Yes, I do. I have a couple personal experiences that made me a believer in it. In my readings, I utilize the Moon Nodes, a significant astrology symbol, to tap into past life experiences that needed to be corrected in the current lifetime. I do not however, get into “who” you were, or what your position in society was in your past lives.

6. How long is the reading? And how much do you charge?

All consultation fees and charges may be viewed by viewing the Consultation Fees page. Payments can be made with credit cards or through PayPal. The readings usually are for an hour.  And, if the reading goes a little over an hour on the first consultation, it does not usually result in additional charges. Reading appointments may be scheduled for a half hour, as well.

7. I see that you also suggest prayers, candles and oils, etc, in your readings. Are they included in the fee? Where can I find these items?

My suggestions on candles and oils are usually for spiritual cleansing. Much like our physical body, our Etheric body also needs bathing. In the said Etheric body, we accumulate thoughts of others (and our own) that are negative or disharmonious to our well-being. The result can be psychological dis-ease such as paranoia, anger, fear, etc and / or result in physical illness. You can purchase both oils and candles in most metaphysical stores. My non-denominational prayers are affirmations for well-being and may be requested as part of the reading without an additional fee.

8. How do I schedule a reading? And what preparations should I make before my scheduled reading?

You can either call me at (949) 201-7639 or email me at Marcelina@hearthandcrone.com. If you want to have the reading by phone, I suggest that you have a tape recorder close to your speaker phone and a pen and paper handy to jot down some dates that may come up in the reading. All my readings are taped when you come in person.

9. Where did you receive your training? Who were your teachers?

I never was trained professionally by any school of thought on how to become insightful. My own family, my aunts and neighbors, the village I grew up in were my professors and my university. The songs, stories and riddles were my textbooks, while the experiences were the exams, that I passed with flying colors. My interests in Astrology, Tarot and Magic began in 1986 when we opened The Chela Bookstore (that later became Mystical Minds Bookstore). We sponsored quality and well known authors, speakers and teachers on the same subjects.

10. Do you have a posted code of ethics? What are your personal Beliefs? Philosophy?

As a member of AFA (American Federation of Astrologers) and NCGR (National Council of Geocosmic Research) I abide by their Code of Ethics, (Please log on to their websites for the information). My personal beliefs and philosophy are as follows:

Your privacy is my priority. Any information that may come up in the reading is for you alone. The moment the reading is done it is no longer my business.
As a reader, I consider myself as an interpreter of symbols, or translator of your subconscious mind and not a fortuneteller.
You as a client are entitled to the information you wish to find out. As a responsible counselor, I am equally entitled to refuse to divulge any information that may be used to harm or manipulate others. Spying or snooping on others may be one of the occasions where I will not provide you with assistance.
Because the power of thought can influence life, I avoid predicting bad events such as death, accidents, etc. Instead, I’ll forewarn you with great care of a deteriorating situation that you need to pay attention to.
I encourage my clients to consult me for counseling only twice in a year at the most, unless there’s an emergency, such as a court case situation, or possible occurrences while traveling. I believe in allowing others to reach their full potential on their own, with minimal help from me.
As a professional reader and counselor, my service business is the providing of consulting time as well as my skill and expertise and is worthy of reimbursement.

Contact Marcelina at (949) 201-7639 or Marcelina@moonweaversdance.com for additional information