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Future happenings that come up in readings are not engraved in stone. These are potentials or guidelines for a future that your choices help to shape. Responsible readers will not make decisions for you, rather, he or she can help you to bring some clarity to important issues of your life.


Astrology utilizes symbols as a form of communication. In an individual’s birth chart, their emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual tendencies are interpreted through the symbols found in the chart, their placements and their attributes. The planetary forces associated with the symbols will indicate the strength and weaknesses that the individual may experience in their life’s journey. A birth chart can be compared to a roadmap. It shows the roads on which you travel, some are level and smooth, while other roads are rough and need some work or repair.

Every major planetary movement touches each and everyone of us. The effect of this movement can be felt in different degrees, in different areas of our lives. The choices you make and the attitude towards the result of those choices, can also be seen through the symbols. If the experience is painful, are you willing to fix it? If the experience is satisfactory, is it real or you only wish it to be real? Or, when is the most propitious time to launch a new business? Am I equipped mentally and physically to handle such responsibilities? From whom can I get the most financial support?

These and so many other questions have answers that can be found in your birth and progression charts. There are times in our lives that we need an ally -someone you can confide with without prejudgment to your situation. ‘Your privacy is my priority.’

Please provide accurate birth time, date and place when making an appointment. Readings are taped – by your request.

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Tarot readers believe that tarot is one of the oldest forms of divination known to man. Astrologers claim to have their tools to be the oldest. The initiates strive to learn both methods not only to suffice their curiosity but to gain more insight behind the symbols.

Astrological-Tarot, interpreted correctly, is a divinatory method that enhances the reader’s understanding of the given situation. Every single card has an astrological meaning, and as to where it has landed on the 12 houses astrological tarot spread. Each of these houses represents a different department of your life, per say. It is an excellent way to discover what’s in store for you or what some of the driving influences are in your life at present.

A responsible reader will not take away your personal accountability by making decisions for you, but can provide additional information on which you can base your own decision. All my readings are confidential and are taped with your request.


In addition to doing Astrology and Astrological-Tarot predictive readings, I offer readings employing the system of Cardology for providing a forecast for the next twelve months. It is particularly valuable as a substitute for Astrology, when only limited birth information is available such as just a date, but no time or place.

Cardology is a divination method that uses a common deck of playing cards, interpreting each card in terms of their sacred symbols as used by ancient mystery schools. In doing a twelve-month forecast, each card’s position in the spread gives clarity and provides important information about every area of your life that’s of concern, and the possible time period when such energies may be experienced. In other words, each card in the spread represents something pertaining either to you or someone in your life, what may occur, and in some cases, it indicates with whom. If birth dates of closely related people are provided, the cards should describe details such as with whom, when and what the interactions may be like.

This type of reading accesses the knowledge of astrology, numerology and the study of the card symbols. When making appointments for a reading with Marcelina please indicate what type of reading you would like, Astrology, Tarot or Cardology, and please provide your birth information if you have it.

Please make advance reservation by email:
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I require your birth information prior to doing the reading.

When making appointments for a reading with Marcelina please indicate what type of reading you
would like,  Astrology, Tarot or Cardology, and please provide your birth information if you have it.

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