Date To Be Announced
8 weeks total

Astrological Tarot
4 weeks

Why learn tarot?  It enhances your inherent intuitive powers; Helps you access information needed for making clear decisions that would not be available otherwise; Provides you with guidelines for handling difficult issues; and Assists you in choosing beneficial timing on new projects.

The first 4 weeks of the class will introduce the students to the Element, Numerical Value and the Symbolism associated with each card of the Minor Arcana. Easy to remember keywords and key phrases will be provided as memory aids to assist the student. There will also be a detailed discussion of the Celtic Cross Spread used for laying out the cards, and the significance of each card’s position in the spread.

Astrological-Tarot, Intermediate
4 weeks

The second 4 weeks of the class series will cover the traditional meaning of each card in the Major Arcana and their Astrological Significance. Also included, are the meanings of the Court Cards and their astrological reference. Exchange readings between students will be encouraged during the last session of the class.