Lunar Insight: Full Moon in Virgo

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Mar 122017

Full Moon in Virgo, 23 degrees
Mar 12, 2017, 7:54 am PDT

Happy Full Moon in Virgo, Everyone!

Wallpaper.13Every Full Moon we are presented with a great opportunity to become aware of two opposing energies, what they represent, and are given a chance to exercise our ability to merge their energies. This full moon highlights the analytical perception of the mind (Virgo) with the compassionate insight of the heart (Pisces). We are encouraged to learn spirituality as a practice of respecting our physical body, acknowledging our mind’s ability to make choices, right or wrong and honoring the intelligence within that guides us all.

Besides the Sun and Moon’s opposition, other celestial lights have also important messages for us to pay close attention to:  A group of planets in Pisces are employing imaginary and dreamlike blindfolds to prevent us from seeing the practical side of life.

Logical Virgo Moon is rationally challenged as she opposes sensitive Piscean energy that is so deeply connected to the past and things that are coming to an end. Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury (Pisces) squares Saturn (Sagittarius) causing people to engage in ‘blabbering’ pessimism and creating mental blockages.

On this Lunar Event, Uranus (Aries) opposing Jupiter (Libra) creates a tendency towards promoting erratic and rebellious behavior. It’s wise to not make your partner feel caged in. Uranus quincunx to Virgo Moon requires adjustment in attitude of both parties; or chaos can be created.  Difficulty in articulating our feelings and desires can be a hindrance in all relationships or partnerships.

Venus recently moved into Aries (detriment), started it’s retrograde cycle on Mar 4 and will remain retro until April 15. A “second chance” perhaps, to rekindle a once “thought to be failed” friendship –try it!

Mars entered Taurus (detriment), on Mar 10, and will remain in the same sign until April 21. It is important to refine our definition of security, values and desires.

The Full Moon in Virgo brings focus on organizations, bookkeeping, preparing for taxes and basically tackling all of life’s mundane necessities. We are reminded to purge destructive habits and be most attentive to our health and healing, purifying toxins in the body as well as scrutinizing cleanliness practices.

On Sabian Symbol, an Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar…

23 deg, Pisces: “A materializing medium giving a séance; the ability to give one’s own vital energy to substantiate one’s conscious ideals or unconscious desires.”
23 deg. Virgo: “A lion tamer displays his skill and character; the need to tame one’s vital energies in order to fulfill one’s destiny.”  

My thoughts…
The ancients taught very simple and direct ways to live peacefully. But as time went on, people embellished the teachings until they became a very complicated body of knowledge.

We don’t need a fancy lifestyle. We only need to know when to plant grain and when to harvest it. Those who harvest timely are those who ultimately gain.

Brightest Blessings!

Lunar Insight: New Moon in Pisces

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Feb 232017

New Moon in Pisces, 9 deg. Solar Eclipse
February 26, 2017, 6:58 am PST  

Happy New Moon Everyone!  

TBellisimme. 9-20-15his Solar Eclipse occurs in the last sign of the zodiac, an auspicious time for reflection, to look deeply into the importance of our spiritual beliefs. We are being guided to go beyond the fantasy of our illusions. It is no longer needed for us to be dependent upon a “go-between man” to represent our connection with our god or creator, but rather to face it alone, unclothed with the encumbrances of the past. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, signifies the last stage of the journey to return to the “I AM”, the divine within us.  

Days prior to this New Moon Eclipse, many events of concern will be witnessed. The ancients believed that eclipses trigger natural disasters; earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and floods were among the said events. Pisces is a water sign hence incidents can impact the water flow or water system (as we are seeing now in Northern California).  

On this Lunar Event, we have a cluster of planets that are all in Pisces. Besides the Sun and the Moon, Neptune (Pisces ruler) and Mercury, the South Node also join in, making a huge impact on our everyday life. On the personal level the message is about old habitual patterns relating to escapism, victimhood, and idealism. When a Solar Eclipse occurs in Pisces, what we imagine to be earthly matters dissolve. Thus this event teaches us to access dimensions beyond the physical plane, as well as the importance of our spiritual practices – not to escape from our earthly responsibilities, but rather to find ways to make them both work, the spiritual and material.   

We will be approaching Spring Equinox in the next few weeks. Now is the time to plan ahead, put feelers out, and with optimism, grab opportunities that are presented. 

On Sabian Symbol, An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar…
9 deg. Pisces:  A jockey spurs his horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals; intense mobilization of energy and skill in the drive for success in any social performance affected by the competitive spirit.

My thoughts…
When faced with a sad situation, it is best not to languish in it. We can change things by being with different people, moving to other places, or, if all else fails, adjusting our own attitudes to take the initiative. 

Have a Blessed New Moon!


Meditation for the New Moon in Aquarius

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Jan 262017

human angels.2Feasting is the flame in midwinter
That kindles the fire of friendship
And strengthens the community

In the past, feasting was a way to bind the community closer together. The same true today. Whether they are cultural gatherings, times of group worship, or even special dinners with friends, we all need moments where we come together and reaffirm the importance of our group.

The cheer that we feel is essential both to the collective and the individuals involved. The affirmation of the group should not be a sublimation of the individual but rather a framework of involvement. A good gathering requires participation –the, efforts of organization, work, and attendance—and in turn gives back sustenance for body and soul, a sense of belonging, and the accomplishment of something that could not be done by the individuals alone.

Like any other human endeavor, the feast is vulnerable to manipulation and politics, the selfish maneuvering of cynical individuals. This is difficult to avoid completely, for it important for any group to truly be united. The only way to mitigate this is for the collective to keep its intention strictly on its purpose, to select its leaders wisely, and for those leaders to be as enlightened as possible.

-365 Daily Meditation, Deng Ming- Dao

Happy Chinese New Year!
The Year or Yin Fire Rooster