Crone Myth

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Oct 312017

Happy Halloween!

Years ago, I had another website called…Hearth and Crone, in honor of the older women like myself, who seek to find their place in this fast moving society. I knew some ladies would be offended to be called “crone” so I had to look it up in the dictionary, to see what it means to the general public. Sadly, the myth is so convoluted that I cannot blame anyone for not wanting to be associated with the word crone. Here are some examples of the myths.

Myth:             As portrayed in cartoons, a crone is a snaggle-toothed, crooked-backed, smelly-green skinned, ugly, miserable old woman.

My findings:  Most of the women 50+ years of age are well groomed, poised, and quite attractive. Some had cosmetic dentistry done, a few had face-lifts, breast implants, Liposuction and some had employed permanent make up. The majority goes to the gym at least twice a week, gets their haircut and hair color, manicure and pedicure once a month.

Myth:              A crone is an old witch who uses spells and rituals to manipulate and harm others.

My findings:  One did not have to be a crone to manipulate or harm others. Just watch the news on TV and you’ll understand what I mean. Clergy of many different religions and beliefs system also performs rituals. Spells are intentions, as are prayers, to obtain the results desired. Intention to harm another living creature is in absolute defiance to the witch’s principles. Establishing a boundary from harmful individuals is supported.

Myth:              Children should avoid a crone; her influence can be harmful to them.

My findings:  Older women from different cultures are revered and well respected. Their stories give life to the traditions of our ancestors, a bridge to connect with the youth. Their experiences can serve as guiding posts for children’s life progression.

Brightest Blessings!